Posted on Aug 12, 2020


Live and Work From Home …. in BARBADOS!

Barbados invites remote workers to live and work for up to a year in sunny, COVID-19 contained Barbados with the new Barbados Welcome Stamp, a 12-month special visa that enables you to come stay, work, play and live like a local on our idyllic island home.

The Barbados remote work visa is open to applicants worldwide but is especially popular in the US, UK and Canada.

Obtaining the visa has proved remarkably easy. You must earn a minimum of US$50,000 per year and have health insurance in place, although obtaining local health insurance is available for visitors. There are also some routine security questions. The fee is US$2,000 per person or US$3,000 per family.

Barbados Welcome Stamp visa-holders will not be subject to Barbados Income Tax. The island offers excellent health care, good schools, boasts the fastest fibre internet and mobile services in the Caribbean and is the most wired of the world’s most wired countries. Strict protocols are in place both for your arrival in Barbados as well as while enjoying island life. These protocols are in place to ensure the health and safety of both visitors and citizens.

So if working from a home where it's always summer, where waking up to sunshine and blue skies every day is expected and not merely a dream, where safety and tranquility define your daily existence ..... Barbados awaits!

Apply for your visa and let the efficient BarbadosBarbados team do the rest.
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